Frequently Asked Questions

    • Reset my audible only alarm system ?

Normally, assuming there are no faults by simply entering the code number a further occasion.

    • Reset my Police response alarm system ?

Provided you know the reason for the activation you may contact our ARC operator [alarm receiving centre] on telephone number 01752 204911, advise them of the activation cause, they may ask for your account number and password, they will normally provide a code number which when correctly entered onto the system in a particular manner will cause a system reset.  To visit our ARC Operator site please click link

    • My alarm says “Line Fault”

Call your telephony service provider and request a line service repair.

    • I am about to install a Broadband service, will this affect my alarm ?

Maybe – most of the Broadband services are provided as “plug & play”, i.e. load some software, plug in the terminal adaptor and fit plug in filters to all sockets fitted with an instrument, this may cause a loss of the service should the alarm system be operated. Where possible it would be worth getting the system installed by your telephony provider, in this way the “wired in” alarm system would also be filtered. As an alternative we could order a “wired in” filter on your behalf, these cost £30.00 plus VAT if fitted at the same time as a maintenance visit.

    • Can you install a system anywhere in the UK ?

Yes our business partners in Aquila Security provide Nation Cover.  NSI Scope of Certification covers Intruder Alarms, CCTV & Access Control